Gintama 469

And then everyone died, the end.
Fall Gintama
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Zuh. A fun and happy end.

As previously stated, there’s no Toriko this week. Next week has the cover and opening color pages, though.

Now I’m off to work on more of the ton of stuff I’ve got to do with my newly found free couple hours.

Gintama 469
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10 thoughts on “Gintama 469

  1. Oh yeah, that’s right! JoJo please!! But I’ll wait patiently beacuse I know you’ ve got lots of stuff to do and also you must rest and have real life time.
    Keep the great work, guys. You rock, you seriously do.

  2. Nooooooooooooo, Yorozuyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! So what now, will Gintama be renamed to Nakitama next chapter?

    thanks for the scanlation, guys!

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