Toriko 263

And some time ago, someone once said…
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Yay. Lots of warm Christmas fuzzies in this chapter. I hope you guys enjoy it, it’s extra long.
Ok, so after THIS week there won’t be any Shounen Jump for another 2 weeks (The raws for combined issues came out in a row before the break, rather than being staggered. That’s what usually happens.) Then Toriko will be on hiatus for the following two weeks once Jump continues. Gintama should keep going as normal though. So the next Toriko chapter should come out the week of the 26th. And it’s going to start “Act 2” of the manga, which really looks exciting. It seems like a lot’s gonna be changing. Man, it’s been over 2 and a half years since Toriko first jumped into Gourmet World (That was February 2011). Sure has been a long time coming… And a lotta work getting here. Should be really great. For now I’ve got some time to relax and get a bunch of back projects done, hopefully. Enjoy this chapter everybody. And good luck in the new year.

Toriko 263
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  1. I wonder if timeskips/second parts are now mandatory in Jump. Seems like every major manga has one at some point now. Guess they are good sellers.

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