Gintama 479

The true face is finally unveiled…
Sakamoto-san to Mutsu-san
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The more I read this chapter the more I love it. Points to anyone that guessed the big reveal at the end. Go read it.

Gintama 479
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18 thoughts on “Gintama 479

  1. Well, it was quite misleading the fact that Mjutsu’s hair color was different and the characteristic umbrella was missing… but I can accept the fact that Mutsu is an Yato. What I can´t believe is how I could ignore the fact for all this time. The indumentary should be obvious and all…

    The problem is that her father is at least a Yato on the level of Umibozu and Hosen… if he is still alive…

    For that matter it was Mondays’ Elizabeth that was a Renho… the main Elizabeth is still 100% a mystery… could very well be a Yato, for all that I know…

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    mr. Poneis

    • There isn’t really a “typical” hair color for Yatou. Kagura and Kamui share the color because of genetics. Their father, Housen and Abuto were all different.

      • Now that you mentioned it…

        I really would like to see Kagura’s mother now… Kagura mentioned that that her mother died from an illness, but it would be really interesting if it was a lame excuse (talk about retconning a very important element of someone’s background), or could be via a flashback…

        até mais ver

  2. Since I don’t have a Twitter account, this seems like the only place for me to say this: please don’t drop Toriko. I don’t trust Mangastream, and I still haven’t forgotten them dropping it last time they were doing the series.

    While I would just as soon read it in Japanese, it takes forever to find the weekly raws, so I’d rather read your version and save myself the trouble. You all always do a good job on it.

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