22 thoughts on “Toriko 266

  1. hey there!
    I discover your scanlations via mangareader when mangastream stopped working with toriko. And now that they’ve returned. I can compare and tell you that yours are much better! Congrats on your work: It’s awesome 🙂

  2. that other translation will stop after 12 chapters. They are just posers. Keep it up kewl! You didnt let us down! You delivered toriko to us week by week even when you had no power during that hurricane and you had to find a place with net to upload toriko to us. We do not forget Kewl. We appreciate your work and will continue to do so! Goodluck.

  3. Here is pretty good evidence that kewl is far superior to ms:
    Ms translation for the secret area: Gourmet World Restroom <- Just too silly and shows poor understanding of English
    Kewl: Gourmet World Break Room <- Realistic/breaks down English colloquialism

  4. You guys should just give the ol’ fuck you to MS for picking up a series youre already doing fine on and pick up ippo and catch up / stay on top of it since they are inexplicably perpetually over a month behind on for like the last year+ (and still 5 or 6 chapters raw wise behind as of now)

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