Toriko 267

Small birdies
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Everything = fine.

Gintama should be done soon, I had some delays with that this week. Also it’s wordy as all hell.

Toriko 267
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19 thoughts on “Toriko 267

  1. I don’t even read Toriko, but I’d rather wait for Gintama and have an early Toriko release after what happened with that people on Mangastream.
    Nice pull, HWMN. Nice and well played.

  2. Aside my differences with Komatsu this and that, it was a interessant chapter… instead of each part of the Full Course being an Incredible Dish, they were all pieces to achieve the “Main”.

    Although would be great if each of the reunited chefs could come with a great recipe for one of the itens of the Full Course. But then, its all about Komatsu and a come to be awesome Roasted Chicken recipe…

    You can loathe me but Shokugeki no Soma seems a lot more democratic in this part. The dishes served are a lot more detailed and interesting too. Again this isn´t Toriko focus so the fool is me for even invoking a comparison.

    You can see how much of a fool I am just cause Komatsu isn´t sexy enough. Case in point, I was all over Rin’s design update last chapter.

    Back to the topic… Somehow this chapter reminded me of some passage of the Bible when God (Javeh), distributed a whole lot of these little birds (partridges?) for the people in the Desert. Anyone thinks it could be related?

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    mr. Poneis

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