Toriko 269

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Lots of plot points. We’ll be heading back to Gourmet World soon, looks like. Woo. Go read it guys.

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Toriko 269
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14 thoughts on “Toriko 269

  1. This was a slow paced chapter… they waited a year and a half for Toriko to get used to the Gourmet World… And the Saiseya group couldn´t do anything by themselves until Toriko could bring Ichiryu’s Full Course.

    Toriko’s past was somehow interesting… makes you think if Tomu isn´t from the same village…

    Dharma Horse was just lended to Zebra after all… makes you wonder if Shinabukuro can think of something amazing enough to fit Zebra’s tastes… though there was a mention to 5 more beasts that were in the same level as Terry, Quinn and Kiss… and the Devil Orochi was completely dismissed from this list…

    Até mais ver
    mr. Poneis

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