Gintama 492

It’s everyone’s favorite tsundere. One of them. There’s a lot, isn’t there?
Wanna try to get away
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This one’s for all the Gin X Tsukuyo fans out there. I mean there are probably those, right? I’m assuming there are. Seems like there would be. Enjoy the chapter it’s fun.

Gintama 492
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12 thoughts on “Gintama 492

  1. Thank you :). And yeah, I’m one of the Gin x Tsukuyo shippers but not in such a form. Sorachi was being diplomatic and didn’t want to anger his fujoshi fanbase by officially admitting that Gin has feelings for Tsukuyo. Instead he will use the drug to mess everything up, blah…

  2. that’s an awesome fanart. I LOVE this chapter, I’m a big ole’ shipper fangirl so i am very pleased. <3 poor Tsukuyo though, the fujoshi aren't gonna be happy. well anyway, THANK YOU guys!!

  3. Thanks for the chapter!! <3
    Aaaand no, I'm not a Gin x Tsukuyo but I still like it anyway 🙂 I-it's not that I-I'm a fujoshi, though… *cough* xD

  4. A fujoshi I may be, but this still makes me happy – perhaps it was the non-con element? LOL! Shame it couldn’t have happened in the gender swapped chapter, I’d have died a seriously happy camper. Thanks for the excellent work <3

  5. omg hell yes im Gin x Tsukuyo fan this chapter was damn hilarious cant wait for the next its gonna be epic chapter

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