Toriko 280

It’s a magical world of eyeballs.
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Man, I really like Seikimatsu Leader Den Takeshi. I’d like to scanlate it at some point, I’ve wnted to for a while. But I’ve got too much shit to do. Now I’m gonna go get like 3 hours of sleep because it’s 4AM…

Toriko 280
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12 thoughts on “Toriko 280

  1. Maan thank you SO much for your efforts…

    I’m sure that thousands of fans read Toriko.

    Btw how many downloads do you get on average?

    And how does Toriko compare in popularity to your other mangas?

    • It’s like 3000 a week or something. But we don’t have a lot of stats because we make like 4 mirrors for everything and most don’t tell have stats, we don’t know about who uses Batoto, and we don’t know who uses any mirrors on other sites especially online readers and such.

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