Gintama 497

There’s more text in this chapter than in the Dragon Quest game it’s parodying.
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Sometimes I think to myself “That gorilla can’t possibly squash any more text into a chapter than he already has. There’s just no way.” And yet somehow, he continues to surpass my expectations. I feel like maybe if he just wrote novels it would cut down on the total amount of text per page. Also it’d probably be a lot easier to translate. Aaah….. he drives me insane but it’s still fun.

Gintama 497
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8 thoughts on “Gintama 497

  1. i haven’t played DQ but i’ll take your word for it XD haha, thank you so so much for the hard work, and for explaining things in notes!!

  2. Thanks so much.
    I laughed a lot thanks to your comment and translation.
    I think every translator I’ve seen complained about the text at least once.

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