Gintama Volume 42-43

And the sun will rise again.
Let the Raindrops Echo
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Ok, so, this is finally all done. And thus, we’ve filled in the last gap between our first full volume, volume 36, and the current chapter in Japan. That’s nearly 200 chapters, now. For those who haven’t been keeping track, we’ve been working on this for nearly 2 and a half years. I originally scanned volume 42 in March of 2012. I could get into a long explanation about why this took so long, but I’d rather keep this relatively short. We started doing scanlations from Shounen Jump in 2012, and then I had to get the last 2 volumes and a few chapters from volumes done on top of that while not falling behind on those every week. Basically, almost every chapter of V42 which I had to translate, were ultra-dense, very hard to translate chapters with a lot of difficult-to-understand and phrase colloquialisms and pop culture references. During that time I was also doing (at least) 2 weekly chapters every week, plus 2 anime episodes every week, plus a metric fuckton of other stuff which I worked on every single day without anyone to fill in for me if I couldn’t fill any role. A lot of the time this can be really stressful and require a lot of work besides translating and typesetting to make sure you keep up schedules and also make sure the scanlations/fansubs actually get released. Some were in groups like this that I’m the lead for, others were groups led by other people. Keep in mind these groups are all done by volunteer, so a lot of the time people don’t do their jobs but you still need to get someone to do it if you want it to get done and done on time. Also, note I was either going to college full time or working a full time job during this time. A lot of these Gintama chapters would take me over 8 hours to finish. Some way more. And there were 11 chapters to translate, 20 chapters to have cleaned, 20 chapters to be typeset, and 20 chapters to check and edit at the end. Plus all the bonus things between the chapters. It’s way harder to motivate yourself and others to work on something when you know it’s gonna take 100+ hours to finish and using all of your free time in a week is only going to get like 1/10th or so of it done. So really, I had to put a lot of this off for a while. Doing one chapter of a lot of these took as much time as doing an entire volume of many other series for me. So I had to only do it when I felt I had time, and a lot of the time that meant “This is too much, I can’t do any until I completely finish this other project”. Like with Doubutsu no Kuni and such, where we got 10 volumes done in about a year.

Anyhow, that’s all done. Finally. This really feels good. Even though this part took 2.5 years, I’ve been trying to have all of the Gintama chapters from where we started scanlated all the way up to the current one in Japan for a much longer time, like 3 and a half years. Now I’ve finally got time to get back to a few other projects I had to put off for a year or two.

A lot of this is a HQ version of chapters we did using Shounen Jump scans. A lot of the translation is revised a bit too to improve the phrasing and that sort of thing. Everything from chapter 372 to 380. Sorachi also added a few pages to chapter 380. Our plan going into the future is to do HQ scanlations of V44 on. Right now the newest volume in Japan is uh… volume 55. So that might take a while. Though it’s all translated and typeset already, it’s just a matter of cleaning it, shifting everything over, and fixing it up and doing anything added for the volume compilations. Plus I have other series I want to work on. We’ll see how that goes. Originally I was gonna go back and do HQ versions of earlier chapters, but I don’t know if I’m gonna do that at this point given how much time this’s taken. I’ll have to see where my life is once some of the other things I want to do are done. Thanks so much to everybody that supported and worked with me on this. Benii, Mooni, Rufi, MB, Azevedo, high8sky, all of you guys. Now go enjoy it.

Gintama Volume 42 (Ch361-370)
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Gintama Volume 43 (Ch371-380)
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29 thoughts on “Gintama Volume 42-43

  1. Me personally , I don’t like the new lesson 380 in volume 43. The ending is accepting and kind of like manga consider for kids, while the old makes the ending more engaging and let people know that bad guys don’t give at all even if their defeated.

  2. Thank you so much for all your hard work and especially for your time into translating and bringing us fans these goodies!! Really appreciate it!! Thanks again~~

  3. Amazing xD I didn’t even really hope to get it one day 🙂
    really appreciate all your efforts and time, tons of thanks!

  4. omg guys, honestly your scans have always been an HQ to me lol. anyway thanks a lot for this hard work and for all your previous works before this. you guys are the best and thank you for loving gintama as well 😀

  5. Thanks KEwl for doing Gintama.

    I never said anything about you translating Gintama even if am reading it for a long time.

  6. Thanks for the volumes

    i know this is going to sound a bit ungrateful but would you guys ever consider releasing the extras before the rest of the chapters? like the Question Corner or what not.

    because since you have kinda already released the chapters magazine wise, the extras are the only real “new” things.

  7. Having followed your projects for a very long time, I can say with absolute certainty that you, Kewl, are one of the most dedicated translators/scanlators in the anime/manga community and that there is no amount of thanks I can give to show my gratitude. Still, I will try, so THANK YOU AND YOUR TEAM SO VERY MUCH! Banzai! May you all continue to be absolutely f*cking amazing. ^_~

  8. baragaki arc is one of my serious arc favorite in gintama..coz it’s full of heart, and introduce two of my new fav character..the phone savvy gunslinger popo isaburo and the doughnut crazed assasin nobume..

  9. While my english is not so good I have to reply in german. Let’s get started… I’m comin’ up so you better get this party started…

    Vielen herzlichen Dank für Deine Mühen Kewl0210 und auch an all Deine Helfer und Helfers Helfer. Sicher waren die letzten zweieinhalb Jahre Arbeit, in schwierig zu meisternder und eine gute sprachliche Balance, zwischen beiden Sprachen zu findender, beschwerlicher Übersetzung, nicht einfach und verdienst deshalb umso mehr Anerkennung und ein riesen Lob. Die ganze gestalterische Leistung war sicher auch nicht ohne, was ihr aber überragend gelöst und dem Leser – also mir und vielen anderen, auf der ganzen Welt – in Hinsicht einer guter angenehmer Lesbarkeit hervorragend umgesetzt habt.
    Nochmals vielen Dank. Deine Anstrengungen sind nicht mit Gold aufzuwiegen, du alter Jude ;-).

    In english I have to thank you and all the guys that helped you, too, for your efforts and persistence on this and all your other Projects. Thanks a lot you dirty Motherf****er.

    Have a nice day.

  10. Okay, I know this journal post is kind of old now, but I have to thank you SO MUCH for your hard work in getting the missing volume(s) translated and uploaded. For it to take 2.5 years and giving it your all, you deserve a dedication award! I had to stop reading Gintama because of the missing volume and I personally didn’t want to skip over anything when it came to this manga. Once you had uploaded the missing chapters, I went straight to reading this some time in August and I’m so happy I did because I regained my drive for Gintama altogether! It makes me even happier that I’m not caught up with the current chapter/arc (which is epic as f*ck).

    tl;dr THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH FOR ALL YOUR HARD WORK! I’m sure you’ve made a lot of people happy! 😉

    • You’re welcome. It gets really frustrating at times, given that this is a volunteer thing we do in our spare time with volunteers we only know over the internet, lots of problems occur. So it’s really nice to hear that people appreciate it.

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