Gintama 505

I’m sure Shou-chan is fine. I’m sure we’ll see him again soon.
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This chapter’s probably got the least amount of text in any Gintama chapter… Also both this chapter and the last one have had 19 pages. That’s all weird.

K, there’s no Jump next week and the next issue comes out the week of the 17th. Sooo see you guys then probably.

Gintama 505
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15 thoughts on “Gintama 505

  1. Thanks for the chapter. And yes I agree Shou-chan is fine, he’s probably busy skinning some bears out in the mountains.

  2. no 506 yet?
    and no, i’m not complaining
    just that i’m sad about shou-chan and i really loved you guys that made me come here and made this comment
    keep the good work
    p.s.:i loved toriko too

  3. DAMN. Seems that the SS venturer is sinking… seriously Sorachi, what are you doign?! Leave Sho chan!!! leave it!!!
    And waiting with expectation the 506th chapter!
    Good work for all the chapters already done, guys! *^*

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