Gintama 507

We never doubted you for a minute, Shou-chan!
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Well, now that that’s all better, it’s time to prepare for the certain doom that is Takasugi.
Batoto is down right now. Batoto’s back up but uploads are still disabled. Ok, that’s all working now.

Gintama 507
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15 thoughts on “Gintama 507

  1. Прошедшая недяля была тяжелой, спасибо за работу.
    Да… Такого я не ожидал, а мои догадки оказались провальными)

  2. Thank you very much for chapter.

    Мишо што си се упишао. Надам се да разумеш ово што ти кажем.

  3. Thanks a lot, you guys!
    Dun dun duuun, Takasugi enters the battlefield! Or is it Takechi “Hentai”, simply trying to gather a lot of signatures? Come and see next week!

  4. Hell yeah! It’s Takasugi time guys, time for some pandemonium! xD Can’t wait for it! I hope there will be a TakaVSGin scene… not necessarily a fight (though honestly that’s what I’ve been waiting for since, like, forever ^^”)

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