Toriko 294

Shige’s not having the best day.
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Now what’s gonna happen?

Uhh…. my schedule’s sure gotten weird as hell… I’m kinda getting used to it but it’s still kinda brutal.

There was a line in chapter 293 that I had wrong. It became clear in this chapter. All the download links are updated in that post.

Toriko 294
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  1. Hey Kewl, could you please ask Pixiv artists for permission before using their art in your posts?

    I get that it’s common practice not to do so among scanlator groups (and many dont even source at all), but lately said artists have been finding out what people are doing and are getting really mad about it (since if someone did that in Japan, people would hound them to the point of it being cyberbullying).

    It doesn’t sound like a big deal, I know, but artists are closing their accounts and quitting art altogether because of it.

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