Gintama 511

Geez, what an easy series to translate. I can’t even remember what I was complaining about before.
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A double page spread? In my Gintama? I could cry…

This chapter had barely any talking so we were able to get it done really quick. We hurried on the cleaning and typesetting stuff, too. Say thanks to Mooni and Monkey for doing that.

Gintama 511
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12 thoughts on “Gintama 511

  1. To those who told me that they don’t wanna read Gintama cause it seems a “boring stupid comedy with no suspense whatsoever”- I should probably show them this chapter. BLOODBATH xD
    But… shouldn’t Gin-chan be more used to fighting the Yatos? He must have faced a lot of them when he was part of the Joui 3, right? *should probably re-read Gintama cause she starts forgetting things*

  2. Thank you Kewl, Monkey, and Mooni! You guys are the best! What a glorious chapter, I’m gonna pray to the gorilla kami that it gets animated one day!!

  3. Seriously freaking EPIC. And Kamui, who called dibs on Gintoki way back in the day, is gonna be massively pissed at his second in command. Just sayin’.

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