Gintama 513

The time has finally come.
Takasugi Kamui 2-15
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Well guys, it’s finally here. The most anticipated battle in all of Shounen Jump history. And it’s finally happening.
Gintoki and Kagura VS Takasugi and Kamui.
There’s definitely nothing else that comes to mind.

I’ll see you guys next week.

Gintama 513
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15 thoughts on “Gintama 513

    • I put a spoiler tag on it. Sorry. I didn’t really think of it as much of a spoiler given that the color page from last week. It’s kinda been implied it’s gonna happen at this point.

  1. yanno… these last chapters must be heaven for translation team, coz for the first time in like forever, we got gintama chapters before THANK YOU!!!
    btw i hope this arcs not the last of gintama..and i hope touyako can endure much more gruesome ordeal this time, coz there’s still a lot more enemies to beat down..

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