Toriko 297

Uh… Something about monkeys.
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Ok, so somehow this week went even worse than last week. I’m really really fried now. I finished translating at 6:20AM and it took until about 5:30PM to finish cleaning. All because none of the regular cleaners showed up for a 2nd week in a row. It’s really hard for me to deal with this. Especially when the people that do show up are working so hard. Even working on their lunch hours and during work and all that in order to get this done. And having to do it all day like today. The turnaround time for this chapter was something like 13 hours and there wasn’t any point when people weren’t working on it.

If anybody would like to volunteer to help clean this series on a weekly basis, it would really help us out. I’m sure somebody will help train you, but we really need help. This isn’t working as things currently stand. Me and everyone else are miserable trying to do this with so little help. Email me at thanks.

Toriko 297
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  1. Thank yoi kewl. I hope thqt you find someone. If i knew how to clean pages i would like to help. I will try to find some tutorials about that.

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