Gintama 514

On an afternoon with no clouds in the sky my carnage starts to clamor.
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Gintama 514
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20 thoughts on “Gintama 514

  1. i think this is will be the last arc, i mean kanketsu hen manga version. iam ready to say, good bye gintama, my soul will always silver as yours yorozuya

  2. It’s getting so intense! The end cannot be near, can it?! I refuse to see this wonderful series make its way to its curtain fall when this arc finishes and end the story altogether!!! :<
    Cheers and thanks to you and your contribution of energy and time in releasing the chapter so soon yet again!

    • How naive of me to think that Gintama would never end. It cannot but it will eventually and your comment made me realize that 🙁

    • Those aren’t made public until the following Monday though. And cleaning Gintama isn’t really such a problem that we would wait for that. The resolution is also worse than physical raws, though the ink quality is slightly better.

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