Toriko 299

Once, long ago, some cool stuff happened here.
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Ok, yet another issue of Jump coming out early. I swear there’s been more this year than there ever was before. Uhh…. Apparenly there’s one more in like 3 weeks and that’s it for this year. Anyhow, this chapter’s pretty cool. I like how this continent’s story is shaping up. It’s a pretty interesting concept, this monkey hierarchy thing.

Toriko 299
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10 thoughts on “Toriko 299

  1. Wow the quality of the scans this week was dog shit looks like something you would see last week was decent but this week it looks god awful.

    • I’ve seen much worse lets try and be greatfull to all the hard work everyone puts especially kewl trasnlations. It’s to critisize when your not helping out on what is provided.

      This was a great read cant wait to for next weeks chap thanks

      • Asking for the quality too stay consistently high quality isn’t that much to ask for at least mangastream consistently delivers a high level of quality.

        Maybe I should just start treatingHWMN Toriko scans like I do mangapanda which is bad quality version while mangastream is the high quality version.

    • Are you kidding? The shading’s still there and you don’t have to be an ant to read it and the translation has grammar. You really don’t know what a ‘bad’ scan looks like.

  2. Thanks for the chapter!

    The scan quality has gone down noticeably since the start of gourmet world but it isn’t horrible.

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