Gintama 519

The other side of hope is as expected, emptiness.
Far too strong for me, the work I accept eats up all my time.
My malfunctioned head aches severely as the emptiness passes by.
It must not leave even a speck of ash behind.
The vertigo is so extreme, that dazzling world
Sharply runs through my chest.
Scattering about distracted, I cannot sleep tonight;
My chest is creating a stir.
As for trying to swim half in doubt,
It is not so bad, deep in all these lies.
No matter the place, I myself still never change.
Ordinarily happy, ordinarily living, but actually what is ordinary?
The vertigo is so extreme, that gilded world
We deceive each other becoming enemies; is that okay?
Scattering about distracted, I slipped away tonight
Throwing up all those complaints.
Wanting to cry, however, there is a reason not to;
It is not yet over inside my dream.
The vertigo is so intense, that broadened world
To seize it by all means, I stand right here.
Scattering about distracted, I dashed forth tonight
Do not decorate honesty
And, appearing just as you are, please live on.
Finally demanding, what is within your arms is good enough.
Oh distorted voice, become ashes.
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Gintama 519
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29 thoughts on “Gintama 519

  1. Oh my God! What a beautiful chapter! I can’t wait for the continuation. Thank you very much for providing us with Gintama every week. I hope you will be able to continue so please do not push too hard and take care of yourself.

  2. Hiwamata guys, you rock! Gintama keeps me going, especially now that Naruto is finished it has to work twice as hard at it, and these recent chapters are absolutely amazing. Please don’t push yourselves too much, take care, my gratitude will always be there for you even if we have to wait a couple more days (I will regret saying that I know, but it is sincere 😉 )

    This chapter was heart-wrenching, I feel my chest tight as if I was there having to take a decision like that myself… And you know the surviving ones will hate you for that.

  3. Gintama is just amazing, coming up with heart-wrenching stuff and complex moral choices from among great light-hearted humour.
    I loved how the flashbacks showed Gin-chan’s decision processes…
    and the fact that anything he does, he knows he will be hated by who’s left…

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