Toriko 302

Time to play some Super Monkey Ball.
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Ok, things went fine this week. May all your Mid-November chills be merry ones.

Also check out Ring if you haven’t yet.

Toriko 302
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10 thoughts on “Toriko 302

    • We’re doing them in volumes, so not for some time. It takes a while to totally finish a volume of that series, it’s really wordy and high9sky is busy with school stuff.

  1. I just checked out Ring….

    Great job on that as usual, from a scanlation perspective, but the content of the story itself was kind of… I dunno, meh? I can see why it only lasted 3 volumes. I guess I’ll read the last two, though.

    I found it interesting that the author’s note at the end talks about how he couldn’t imagine keeping a Volleyball manga going until the end, but now in the very same magazine alongside Toriko, we have Haikyuu, which has been going strong for over 2 years now!

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