Gintama 523

If this is what we’re gonna get, then we don’t need it
We wanna be laughed at and hated
We can’t smile properly, nobody loves us
But that’s the way it should be, that’s just right for us
Kaze Akago
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As mentioned in the last post, there are 2 weeks with no Jump in the coming few weeks. Either there’s no Jump next week (Week of the 21st) and 3 weeks from now (Week of the 4th), or 2 weeks from now (Week of the 28th) and 3 weeks from now (Week of the 4th). Depends on how Shuueisha distributes it. Eeeeeenjoy the end of this arc.

Update: Apparently they announced a new season of the Gintama anime at Jump Festa that’s gonna start in April of 2015. Cool.

Gintama 523
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11 thoughts on “Gintama 523

  1. Thank you!! 🙂
    Damn Okita, he made me laugh even in such a chapter…
    I enjoyed this arc very much! I wonder what will happen next…

  2. Hello there! Just wanna say thanks a lot, a lot, lot, so lot for the direct download and of course, the translation! 🙂 Please continue working hard and please keep the direct link X”D It’s hard to find site to download the latest chapter, because I have a very slow internet t_t

    Take care!

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