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Ok, we’re back. Hope you guys had a good couple weeks. I mostly used mine translating Ring. I’ve just got 1 chapter left to do. High8sky is finishing exams and things and should be able to get the cleaning and typesetting on those done in the near future.

Now that that’s done, I have some time to get back to other projects, which I have a whole ton of and most will probably take me like… a few months or a year or two (Most of them are posted here) depending on outside factors. That’s in addition to doing the regular weekly/monthly projects on this site. But one thing I wanted to do, if possible, was to do more volume scanlations of Toriko and Gintama. I translated all of Toriko and we’d like to do HQ scanlations of Gintama chapters we did of the magazine but now using volume scans. I have the books and I can scan them, I can handle translating the stuff that’s added for the volumes between the chapters, and I can handle checking at the end and editing, but that’s all I have time for, really. Right now we don’t have any free cleaners that can dedicate themselves to cleaning entire volumes. If people who are experienced enough to do that want to volunteer, email me at . Basically, I’m only gonna try to do this because it doesn’t add to my workload which is already kinda over-loaded. So if no one volunteers or is able to be self-sufficient, we’re just not gonna do them. At least for now. Anyhow, I do hope people do wanna help and maybe we could get some more volume scanlations done fairly quickly. The image quality is much better than the scanlations done using magazine scans, we can fix up the translation a bit, plus all the extra stuff that’s only in the volumes.

Toriko 308
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  1. Mr. Kewl, I’d like to ask, what’s the difference between shounen mag scans and tankobon scans (aside of omake)? Is the difference really significance?
    Thank you for the hardwork and goodluck…

    • The visual quality is better. The magazines are printed on recycled paper with cheap ink which is why so much work has to go into cleaning. Sometimes the author makes changes like with the end of the Kintoki arc in Gintama. Then there’s stuff like trying to improve the translation because now we know what’s going to happen. Like I went from trying to translate “Keisei” in the beginning of the Ikkoku Keisei (Courtesan of a Nation) arc to using a note.

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