Gintama 525

I dunno who told you Gintama was a happy, comedy manga. It’s a sad manga where people suffer. Whoever told you that must’ve been trying to trick you.
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Ok, we’re back. The story doesn’t let up one bit.

I’m finishing up Ring so I have some time to do a little work on some other projects. So if possible, was to do more volume scanlations of Toriko and Gintama. We’d do more earlier volumes of Toriko and HQ versions of the Gintama chapters we did of the magazine but now using volume scans. I have the books and I can scan them, I can handle translating the stuff that’s added for the volumes between the chapters, and I can handle checking at the end and editing, but that’s all I have time/ability for, really. Right now we don’t have any free cleaners that can dedicate themselves to cleaning entire volumes. If people who are experienced enough to do that want to volunteer, email me at So if we get volunteers that are able to manage themselves, we can possibly get some done fairly quickly. But if not, we’re just not gonna do them, because we really don’t have the means. If you’re not aware, the image quality is much better than the scanlations done using magazine scans, we can fix up the translation a bit, plus all the extra stuff and changes that are only in the volumes. I hope we get some volunteers, because I’d really like to do more of these.

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Gintama 525
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  1. What happen? T_T
    Thank you for this chapter.
    Why is there tears in my eyes after reading this one?
    What happen Sorachi?! Damn it.

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