Ring Volume 3 (End)

WHUHUWHAAAH…?! Ring_v03_ch000_pg001 OOooOOooOoOkaaay! After many months of working and even longer of planning and trying to put this project together, volume 3, and thus ALL of Ring is now done! Like I said before, I think this is an excellent short series and very much worth reading. I love the characters that Shimabukuro-sensei makes and the story he creates for this series is really an exciting one. Me and high8sky put a ton of work into this series and I really wanna thank her for all the time she spent cleaning, redrawing, and typesetting it. I originally scanned the first volume back in 2012 and the reason it took so long before we got anywhere was because I didn’t have people to rely on to get it scanlated until last summer, and without her I dunno if I’d ever have gotten this done. It was also a motherfucker to translate because of all the jokes, characterization and sports jargon. Now, the end of the last chapter says this is the “End of Part 1”. But it ended in 2005 so don’t get your hopes up for a continuation at this point. But really, who knows? For now, Ring is complete, and I really hope everyone reads and enjoys it. As for what comes after this, there’s still Seikimatsu Leader Den Takeshi! to do. Which, I may at least try to start at some point in the future (Unless someone else does it before then). That series is REALLY long and it’s a comedic manga so it’s really hard to translate, scanlate, everything really. But it’s also a really great series that really shows off Shimabukuro-sensei’s comedic talent. But if you’re not familiar, I translate quite a bit on top of managing this group. Right now I’m translating: Toriko, Gintama, JoJolion, Innocent, Real, Wolfsmund, 3-Gatsu no Lion, 81diver, Billy Bat, and the Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure 4th: The Book novel. Those are on weekly/monthly/seasonal/yearly/whenever bases depending on the series, and that’s in addition to managing this group, helping manage the groups I’m doing the other projects for, and trying to do volume scanlations for Toriko, Gintama, and JoJolion. I really need to get a little further to finishing some of those before I can take on a big project like Takeshi, and even if I do try to do Takeshi I still need the staff for it plus I dunno if I’ll want to do all of it given how long it is. So it’ll take some time before starting something like that. Regardless, I’m certainly trying to get through this stuff in the near future. Until then, go read Ring, everybody! Ring Volume 3 2Shared ZippyShare Mega Direct Download Online Reader (Batoto)