Gintama 544

In the orange twilight, a shadow that is far too long silently drags from my heavy feet.
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We managed to get this one done really fast, too. Mostly because it has so little text. Keep in mind though, just because a chapter has little text doesn’t mean it’s easy. The wording has to be a lot more precise when there’s very little text in a chapter. Because there’s such a focus on those few words. And manga like Gintama tend to use a lot of flowery language and metaphors in these sorts of chapters. It takes less time to type out, but requires a lot more effort in checking than do the chapters with tons of gags because those usually are fairly straightforward, even if they do have the comedic timing aspects and all that which can be really hard to translate accurately, too. So it’s a different kind of challenge with these.

I finished releasing this on my train ride home from work, because I’m not gonna have any time after this today. Hope you guys enjoy it. This chapter’s a… yeah.

Edit: One of the bubbles on the first page disappeared somehow. I have no idea. Anyhow that’s fixed and the links are updated.

Gintama 544
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  1. THAT HAAAAAIR! I knew, I knew!!
    I told it few weeks ago, but… but… He can’t beee!!!!

    By the way, thank you for your hard work^^

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