Toriko 331

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Hey everybody, it’s ZombieKewl0210-kun here. Ok so Jump came out early this week (Usually the street date in Japan is Tuesday, but this is one of the weeks it comes out on the previous Saturday instead. For us who’re getting it early to scanlate for all y’all that means we get it one day earlier than usual, that’s today, Wednesday) and we didn’t know that until last night, so I’ve been up all night trying to figure out from our raw provider what’s going on and we eventually got a raw at 4AM and I’ve been working on it ever since then and we’ve been scrambling to assemble enough staff to get the chapter done. And now we did, so that’s good. Now I’m tired. Go read it, it’s a good chapter.

Go check out our scanlation of Shimabukuo-sensei’s one-shot, Warai no Kamigami (Gods of Laughter) we got done earlier. It’s pretty funny.

Toriko 331
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