JoJolion Volume 2

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Ok, well with that, we have officially scanlated all of JoJolion! Yaaaay.
Trying to get people to work on this while also we’re also doing monthly and weekly chapters was a real challenge (Plus I do a ton of other projects besides these ones and several other members do, too). But we’re finally all done! (We had originally scanlated 8-9 with issue scans back when they came out. 8 technically wasn’t released as our group as it was just me an Orthio. Also people on our staff worked on 6-7’s issue release back when they came out, too. Though we originally only started releasing with this group from chapter 9.)

This contains chapters 6-9. It has everything that was found in the issues but in higher quality and a better translation, plus the stuff added in the volume (The chapter names are different, there’re some diagrams in the beginning, and there are a couple Stand profiles, and there are probably some slight artwork changes as well). Plus we also included the color pages without text over them that were only found in the Jojoveller artbook. This took a looong time to do, so I hope you all enjoy it.

JoJolion Volume 2
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