Gintama Volume 44

The moon will rise again.
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Ok, well, it’s been quite some time since we finished the last Gintama volume, hasn’t it? This one is all made up of chapters we already released all fixed up with a better translation and using the volume raws, which are much higher quality. We all worked really hard on it, and I hope you guys enjoy it. Especially for those who haven’t read these chapters so far.

Originally I was hoping that we would be able to get HQ volume versions of the Gintama chapters we scanlated fairly quickly. But when you consider how reality always gets in the way, that really didn’t happen. Since they’re already translated I was hoping they could get done with minimal effort on my part so we would have a nice side project going while I focused on other things (Specifically, the 2 weekly series here plus 6 or so other projects I do with this group or others). I scanned this volume in early January of this year. We were only able to get one cleaner to work on it for the most part and that took from January to mid-June to finish Manhai did that. Then I transferred over all of the old typesetting from the issues to the new version. Then then had to be scaled/shifted into the bubbles because the dimensions of the pages weren’t identical. Tochiru did most of that but I did some, too. Meanwhile I had to translate all the extra stuff in between the chapters (The FAQs and Sorachi’s handwritten essays and all that), which took a while. And since then I’ve been meticulously going through the chapters and fixing up the translations and the typesetting. And that took few weeks, too. Often working on nothing but this every day. All this whole thing also involves me managing things, making sure everything is moving and helping out when someone couldn’t do it. And honestly it’s waaaaaaaay more stressful than I’d hoped. So really I don’t know how much more of these we can do. It’s simply more work than I have time to do and managing it is more stress than I can handle at this point in my life for something like this. I’d really rather spend my energy working on series that haven’t been translated at all rather than working on high quality versions of stuff we did 3+ years ago (We released the first chapter of this volume, chapter 381, in December of 2011 by the way. To give some perceptive on that, which also means I was that much less experienced when I translated it so it was that much more work to spruce up. Especially for a series as wordy as Gintama).

We’re part-way through Volume 45 already, so I do plan to see that through to the end. After that I dunno. It’ll depend on if there’s fan interest, if there’s staff willing to do it (Feel free to volunteer if you’d like to help by the way. Shoot me an email at but please only do so if you’re experienced. As I said, it’s really more than I can handle right now). So yeah, that’s that. We’ll keep doing the weekly chapters until the series ends, of course. Whenever that is. Ok, go read it now.

Gintama V44 (Chapters 381-389)
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