Gintama Volume 45

The beauty that overturned a nation.
Lover's Fidelity
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Ok, so, I discussed most of the situation regarding volume scanlations of Toriko and Gintama here:

Gintama Volume 44

and here:

Toriko Volume 2

But to reiterate a bit, this is the last volume scanlation we’ll be doing for either series for now. I’m not gonna say I’ll NEVER do more, but at the moment I’d rather use my time on other series and I’m not planning to go back to these as of now. Even if we’re just doing a HQ version of what we did in the magazine, it requires debinding and scanning the book, getting it all cleaned and redrawn, then the typesetting from the original chapters has to be copied over and shifted so it’s in the right places, then I need to go through the whole thing and update/improve the translations as well as any translate any extras that are only in the volumes. All that is very time-consuming and can be really stressful, largely because it never goes smoothly. Especially when you need several people who are working on a non-regular basis to do those jobs. In volunteer groups, people tend to fall off the map part-way through when you do that sort of project. In that way it’s no less difficult than any project done from scratch. So because of that I’d rather use my free time and resources to work on series that hasn’t already been scanlated. And honestly, I think there’s way less fan-demand for doing HQ versions of things we already did than there is for doing new stuff.

Pretty soon, we’re going to be moving the projects of Innocent and 81diver to this group. I was previously working on them with other groups but they kept falling apart. Hopefully they do better in my group with the group of people we managed to get together who all want to work on them.

As per this volume, let me talk about it a bit. It’s a really great volume. This contains the conclusion of the Courtesan of a Nation Arc. A large reason I wanted to get this one done in volume form is because a lot of the art was re-done in the first couple chapters. You may have noticed that the Shinsengumi’s uniforms weren’t inked-in, so it looked like everybody was in the Mimawarigumi in the magazine version.

Here’s an example:
V45 Comparison

The other thing is the last chapter has an extra 4 pages. It didn’t change the story before like it did in V43, (With making Kintoki seem like he has a change of heart at the end.) it basically just makes the last scene longer and more pretty. There are probably more art-related changes but they’re all very minor. Though I am really glad we got this volume in HQ because the art in it it looks so good.

Anyhow, I think that covers everything I have to say on that subject. Thanks for everyone that’s supported our volume releases of Gintama up to this point, and I hope our future projects go well. I hope you all enjoy.

Gintama V45 (Chapters 390-399)
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