Gintama 570

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Ok, here ya go everybody.
I’m really tired from a very frustrating day so go read this and enjoy yourselves.
Remember there’s no Jump next week.

We recently finished our HQ scanlation of Gintama V45. Check it out here.

Also we just got our first volume of Innocent done with this group. Go check it out if you haven’t yet.

Gintama 570
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11 thoughts on “Gintama 570

  1. Happy New Year! Thanks so much as always. Hope things get better for you soon.
    I really like how this manga throws in humor even during dramatic battles like this. If anything, it makes the actually serious parts even cooler.
    BTW, I think the joke about getting sued for the candy shop was probably a reference to the brand “White Lover” (白い恋人) which has a similar-looking name and logo, as well as being in the candy business. But then, I’m not familiar with Naruto so I could be wrong. ^^

  2. In fact, the 白い鬼人 is a reference to 吉本興業 Yoshimoto Kougyou (Theatre company, with talents from Gaki No Tsukai etc) released a product called 面白い恋人 (Omoshiroi Koibito meaning Funny SO), which was similar in packaging and content to what it was spoofing (白い恋人 Shiroi Koibito meaning white SO). But Yoshimoto got sued by Shiroi Koibito because the packaging was so similar that people thought they were buying Shiroi Koibito.

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