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Ok, well that’s all done. Hopefully we can get the other 2 remaining volumes done in not too long and get all caught up. Anyhow I’ve been working on scanlation projects literally all day so I’m gonna go sleep now.

Innocent Volume 8 (Chapters 76-87)
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    • The first series is 9 volumes. And the 2nd series is ongoing. It’s not anywhere close to over. They’re currently just getting to the Affair of the Diamond Necklace. And the story isn’t likely to end until after King Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette are executed. Possibly Robespierre, too. The story is using realistic dates so it started when the actual Charles-Henri Sanson was a child.

      • Thank you for the precision. I was wondering because we have still a lot of material from the royal wedding in the year 1770.
        If the author follows the chronological events until Charles-Henri’s death then we shall indeed see the fall of Robespierre and the end of The Terror.

        Nevertheless, what is the name of the sequel ?

      • By the way, for those unaware, it literally says Charles executes King Louis XVI in the first page of the manga.

        They’re well-known historical events and they’re stated in the beginning, so you’re intended to know which people get executed before the story starts, so it’s not a spoiler.

  1. I showed Innocent to my French Revolution teacher and he loved it and wants to read it, glad that I can get him more chapters.

  2. I showed Innocent to my French Revolution teacher and he loved it and wants to read it, glad that I can get him more chapters.

    • Wouldn’t more people just love history if it was taught on high quality manga! On another note, I wonder if your history teacher could comment on Marie Joseph Sanson character – I have a feeling that her being an executioner and highly liberated is all fiction ūüôĀ (a silent tear falls)

      • He¬†didn’t¬†know¬†much¬†about¬†the¬†Sansons¬†overall,¬†but¬†I¬†can¬†assure¬†you¬†Marie¬†Joseph¬†is¬†fictional,¬†and¬†the¬†relationship¬†between¬†Charles¬†and¬†Louis¬†XVI¬†is¬†fictional¬†too.¬†Shin’ichi¬†is¬†mostly¬†threading¬†on¬†things¬†that¬†COULD¬†have¬†happened,¬†without¬†completely¬†changing¬†all.¬†Marie¬†Joseph¬†is¬†probably¬†the¬†sand-in¬†for¬†Henri,¬†Charles’¬†son¬†and¬†successor,¬†to¬†take¬†the¬†role¬†of¬†executing¬†Marie¬†Antoinette,¬†since¬†she¬†sees¬†the¬†guillotine¬†upong¬†meeting¬†Joseph.

  3. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I was waiting this chapter anxiously. You’re incredible!!! Feels just like saved my life, hahahaha, Innocent is inspiring to me, as I’m a writer and illustrator. And your work on manga help us to enjoy a incredible story. Merci beaucoup!

    And about some comments before mine, I think Marie-Joseph is a fictional character, since I think she’s deliberately made in honour of Lady Oscar, a character from Versailles no Bara (even her assistant is named Andre after the Andre from Lady Oscar). I don’t know if the author commented something about this, but for me, as a Lady Oscar anime fan, it’s kinda obvious, and I know the author Sakamoto Shin-ichi is a Lady Oscar fan too! Even Ryoko Ikeda, the author of Lady Oscar, left comments about Innocent.

    Then, Marie-Joseph is fictional just like Lady Oscar is (I searched by Lady Oscar evidences in history, but there’s none, just a man in the Court that was named Fran√ßois. I even asked for my History Teacher about it, and he’s a wise one).

    I don’t know if in the biographical book from what Sakamoto-sensei is basing the manga there’s some evidence or reality about Marie-Joseph, but even if there are, the behavior and direction of Marie’s story must be created.

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