Innocent Volume 9

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Wooo… Ok, thus ends “series 1” of Innocent. Innocent Rouge is the continuation of the story and really it’s just sort of a part 2. I’m hoping we get the first volume out in not too long, and volume 2 comes out in a couple days, so hopefully we’ll get that finished not long after.

Anyhow, I’m exhausted and it’s reaaaalllly late so I’m gonna go sleep.

Innocent Volume 9 (Chapters 88-99)
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20 thoughts on “Innocent Volume 9

  1. Thank you so much for working really hard in translating this series! I really appreciate your hardwork for Innocent!

  2. Thank you very much for your work, this series was amazing from start to finish.

    Also glad you’ll do Rouge, can’t wait for that to come. 🙂

  3. Thank you for the release. I guess nest installment will be totally Marie story since the second half of the story totally Marie heavy. I kinda miss Charles story.

  4. How come so many releases for new series (tankobon) but no Toriko or Gintama
    HQ re-releases? I was hoping for Toriko v3-v9 especially 🙁 still thanks for every release

  5. Thanks for another volume so soon. I’ll prepare myself to lose a few hours sometimes just gazing at the same page until I snap back to reality.

  6. The way Shin’ichi subtly fits in the transition from feudalism and aristhocrats to modernity is just beautiful. All the ridiculous etiquette of Versailles, the influence of Rousseau in the maknigs of the Revolution (Alain is no just pretty words, he really is working for the change), the stubborn power of aristhocrats who fought for their status until the end. The clear difference with England. I’m only a bit perplexed about how he saw a land of equality in America, but eh, a small detail.

    Marie is shaping up to be an amazing deuteragonist to lead Innocent Rouge, I can’t wait to read it from you guys!

  7. Omg i really loved this series, thanks for translating it. So happy to hear that you guys will be doing rouge as well

  8. I binge read this series in a whole day and I’ve been trying to find you. Thank you so much for scanlating Innocent. THIS IS GOD’S WORKS, both the scanlation and the overall manga.

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