3-Gatsu no Lion (March Comes in Like a Lion) Volume 9

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Everything’s almost done. Basically the way these went was I did them one job at a time. Some of it was waiting for BWYS that ultimately didn’t pan out, but it’s not like I’m doing these all in a week. Rather it took 6 months of working every day to get them all done. And before that a couple years of ~1 per week.

Edit: 3-4 was a copy of 1-2 somehow. Anyhow that’s fixed. Also fixed some typos.

3-Gatsu no Lion Volume 9 (Ch84-94)
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21 thoughts on “3-Gatsu no Lion (March Comes in Like a Lion) Volume 9

  1. your work is really amazing! you do such a fine job in editing and everything, and even release a whole volume (one after another!)
    i’m very grateful for your work, thank you so much 🙂

  2. Thanks a lot for all the hard work over the years. If you ever plan on releasing v2s, here are the mistakes I found while reading the whole volume. Page 29, last panel “for an just like that”, I think a word is missing there.
    Page 50: “get’s” instead of gets.
    Page 57: middle panel, “and the that great smell”
    Page 110: “I’ll just eat up them” instead of I’ll just eat them up
    Page 112: “just as are” instead of just as they are (last panel)
    Page 128: 2nd paragraph “And he the quotes”
    Page 150: “We can’t take out eyes off” should be our instead of out
    Page 154: japanese text still present in the speech bubbles with english covering it
    Page 166: 3rd panel “and he rought them” should have been brought
    Page 170: “What do you think was what separated” I believe the 2nd what ought to be replaced with that
    Page 171: “A player like that never have anything” it should be has instead of have
    Once again, thanks for the hard work.

  3. Thanks so much for the volume release – I love this story and really appreciate the hard work that goes into translating this 🙂

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