81diver Volume 7

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Aw, man.

I don’t really know how often we’ll get these out but, hopefully it goes fairly frequently. Please give big thanks to high8sky for all the work she did typesetting and cleaning.

81diver Volume 7 ch61-71
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Online Reader (Batoto)

5 thoughts on “81diver Volume 7

  1. Thanks for the volume, high8sky! I did think that 1 volume/week might be a a bit of a crazy pace. Make sure to take it easy and not burn yourself out.

    Pretty curious how the protagonist will turn out from here. Losing a finger would suck shit, but the alternative is pretty heavy…

  2. I read it on bato.to and thought of passing by and thanking you, so thank you very much for your hard work 😀
    I really appreciate this series so far and look forward for what will happen in the futur of this amazing story 🙂 !
    With all my sympathy


  3. thx for the release. always a big fan of this site. Toriko, and now 3-gatsu and 81diver. will be waiting for future release. THX again

  4. Thanks for the release! It’s surprising that a series that started off so completely silly has taken such a serious turn.

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