3-Gatsu no Lion (March Comes in Like a Lion) Volume 12

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Woo, ok. Now at long last we’re REALLY caught up. This volume came out in Japan about a month ago. And I’ve been working on it all month to get it fully translated, scanned, cleaned, typeset and checked, and now we’re finally done (I translated it in advance from the digital magazine, but there are things changed/added to the volumes). Thanks a lot of Katyusha for helping typeset and checking.

Ok, so, here’s a little explanation for those not aware. 3-Gatsu no Lion is a series that runs in the bi-weekly magazine Young Animal (The same magazine as Berserk). But it also runs irregularly (as in not in every issue) and generally only finishes 1 volume a year, usually released around September-October. The chapters we’re releasing now are the ones that were appearing in the magazine as we were finishing the other volumes earlier this year. But now we’re all caught up (except for one chapter that just came out, the chapter that’ll probably be the first volume of volume 13). A digital version for it comes out about a week after the physical magazine, which I can get, but I really just don’t have time to try to do this series on the irregular basis of “whenever it shows up in the magazine”. Plus I don’t have time for the added work of trying to make digital raws look good and I especially don’t have time to also redo them with better, scanned volume raws later. I just don’t have time to try to do something involved and time-sensitive like that in my life right now (Just doing Gintama and Toriko right now is a major compromise, and it’ll be a huge load off once those end, whenever that may be). As I’ve mentioned before in posts about this series, I’ve got almost no staff besides me doing this. And that’s a major time sink for an adult working a full time job to put into a hobby. So I’m going to continue just doing it on a per-volume basis. That also means we’ll be able to focus on making it the highest quality possible rather than trying to make low-resolution raws look good and do multiple drafts to make the translation good.

Besides that, there are 2 “Fan Books” which are essentially summaries of old material. Though there’s a bit of new material I might translate. Umino-sensei wrote new original omake comics in those so I may try to translate them at some point, just not immediately.

Anyhow, I hope you all enjoy this. I have Innocent Rouge V4 and the rest of 81diver to finish now (Also the Jojo novel The Book). Maybe once those are done I may have time to pick up a new project if it seems like there’s time. I have a few ideas but I’m not totally sure which which I’d want to go with yet.

And check out the 3-Gatsu no Lion anime, it’s amazing. Ok, see ya later.

3-Gatsu no Lion Volume 12 (Ch115-126)
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