Toriko 393

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We had an awful time getting raws this week again. Next week SHOULD finally be back to normal but we’ll see. I’m really exhausted now from trying to get raws all last night, translating, getting a little sleep, then getting back up and working on this and Gintama half the day today. I ended up having to typeset all of this as well.

Speaking of which, we need help typesetting and are trying to recruit someone new. Hish’s schedule makes it really hard for him to typeset for now nad the next few months at least, so if anyone with experience who’s willing to help typeset Toriko can help around 1AM-4AM Eastern US time, email me at
We may also pick up something new in the near future (probably after Toriko/Gintama end) if you want to help with something like that.
We’d really appreciate the help, just make sure you understand the work it entails.

Toriko 393
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