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Ok, so the big announcement was for a Gintama Exhibition.
Just so you know, there MIGHT be another color page (In addition to the halloween one we have) which isn’t part of the actual chapter, but has some more information on the exhibition on it (So it’s sort of an ad, sort of a 2nd color page). Basically saying the date and stuff (December 23rd to January 9th). But we didn’t get it from any raw source so we didn’t include it. We’re not even sure if it’s in Jump, or rather just someone posted around a camshot of a page from another magazine. If we do get it we might go back and add it.

Also, we need help typesetting Toriko and are trying to recruit someone new. If anyone with experience who’s willing to help typeset Toriko can help around 1AM-4AM Eastern US time, email me at
We may also pick up something new in the near future (probably after Toriko/Gintama end) if you want to help with something like that.

Edit: We got that ad about the Gintama exhibiton and added that, and updated all the links. Again, it’s not part of the actual chapter, just a bonus thing really.
There’s an official website, too. Right here:

Gintama 610
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