Toriko 394

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Ok, well. All of a sudden it looks like the next chapter could be the last one. Next chapter of Toriko is gonna b an extra-long 31 page chapter. Which, unless Shimabukuro is pulling a fast one on us, is gonna be a sort of finale where he ties all the remaining loose ends together.

I guess we don’t need to recruit someone new to help typeset then, but we’ll keep accepting applications just in case. Plus we can do new projects, too. I might try to do a volume scanlation of the last volume just for fun, too.
Anyhow, I spent all night getting this scanlated and now I’m tired.

Toriko 394
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7 thoughts on “Toriko 394

  1. Thanks, pal. All your (all members) effort to work on scanlations made me (and probably) others happy to read. To see Toriko and Gintama ending leaves a bitter taste, but it is natural for greater series.

  2. Oh yes I’d love to see volume scans if you have the time to do so though I’d prefer to see the earlier volumes done since the quality for those volumes is worse.

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