Toriko 395

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Ok, so this is NOT the last chapter but next week’s chapter IS the last chapter of Toriko. I’ll try to write up a bit about my experience scanlating this manga for next week. It’ll probably be pretty long because as you guys may know, I translated the entire series and have every week since it started in 2008. I’m thinking about doing Shimabukuro’s older series Seikimatsu Leader Den Takeshi after this (At least some of it. I dunno if I’m gonna hold out to do the whole series because it’s 250 chapters long).

This chapter’s a really excellent one though. It has a lot of callbacks and makes for a good conclusion to the series. It’s also 31 pages long, which made the production time a lot longer than usual. I hope you all enjoy it.

Toriko 395
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9 thoughts on “Toriko 395

  1. I’ve been faithfully reading you since the beggining, and I’m terribly gratefull! I’ve done a couple donations during this years, btu I’ll make another one next week. If I can’t pay you a drink to thank you in person, at least I can do so via the internet 🙂

  2. Thanl you very much for all the hard work. Your translations got me into this great manga. It will be weird not to have Toriko each week

  3. Thank you for this release in awesome short period of time with high quality!!!
    Yours was the best and one of the reason i knew this manga in the beginning!!!

  4. Hi Kewl, how are you doing bro?

    I wanted to say THANKS A LOT for all you’ve done.

    Toriko really has a special place in my heart…

    It had the potential to be one of the best shounen mangas EVER, but sadly even during the Cooking Festival it was rushed…

    I remember the times when each week i was waiting patiently for Toriko to come… The last 100 chapters or so have been a mess…

    I’ll be super happy if you translate Leader Takeshi.

    Thanks again.

  5. Thank you kewl.
    Truly you are one of the best scanlators out there i’ve been reading your translations since beginning and i cannot thank you enough for your hardwork!

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