Innocent Rouge Volume 4

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Ok, all done. This took a while but it’s all done. A good volume, lots of story development, and now we’re all caught up on this one too! The next volume comes out in “Spring 2017”. So like the 19th of the month on one of the Spring months. K, so now that Innocent and 3-Gatsu are all caught up, and Toriko’s done, I’ve got free time to work on some stuff and spend free time doing some things I had to put off for months as I finished all that stuff this year. I hope I can get that done a bit. I have a ton of manga I’ve got on my backlog I kinda want to get to. I’d also like to get the rest of 81diver and The Book done at some point.

Innocent Rouge Volume 4 (Chapters 21-27)
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