81diver Volume 15

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And here we are with the next one of these. Thanks so much to high8sky for all her work on this one. We finally made it to volume 15! Only 20 volumes to go… Man that’s a lot. I’m in the middle of translating volume 23 now though. In whatever spare time I can find when I’m not working on another project or Jojo novel, The Book.

You can keep up to date with that here, by the way:

I upload it as I go along, though we’re probably going to do some editing of the whole thing at the end.

Anyhow, enjoy this. It’s another really good volume with some good characters in it.

81diver Volume 15 ch148-158
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Online Reader (Batoto)

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  1. Thanks both of you for another volume! The plot dynamism of this series never fails to impress me, the author is amazing at moving the story forward while balancing his characters.

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