81diver Volume 16

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The artist that did this image is the mangaka of Uratarou, running in Young Jump right now. Go check that out, I haven’t read it but it looks interesting. He also did a bunch of other series.

high8sky’s been kinda busy lately, and I have too. But here we are, the next 81diver volume! I should be able to translate the rest of it once I finish The Book. Though I’ve translated up to V23 right now so there’s more to scanlate whenever high8sky has time. But once I finish all that I can help typeset, too. So yeah, nothing really changed on that front as translating a 380 page novel takes a while especially when I’m running this group with all our projects. I’m getting there, though.

We’re working on Innocent Rouge V5 right now and hoping that gets done pretty soon. I finished translating it, and it’s being cleaned and typeset.

81diver Volume 16 ch159-168
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