Website Issues

Hi, we had issues with the previous website host and needed to transfer to a new one. Unfortunately that means a lot of visual stuff was lost, so I’ll need to set that up again. I’ll need to reupload images and that sort of thing. I didn’t have backups of everything (Everything that’s not manga. I have multiple backups of all that).

The website itself isn’t actually that important though, it’s just where we release stuff. So don’t worry about it.

Edit: All the downloads pages should be working and all the images should be restored. Though a lot of the old news posts won’t have images anymore because that’s kind of not worth the effort. Let me know if something breaks. Ok, well now that’s done I’ll be going back to translating Takeshi and The Book.

4 thoughts on “Website Issues

  1. Welcome back team. I was dumbfounded when I found your site went MIA (ToS violation or something something) but you guys sure do recover quickly. Thumbs up for that.

    Btw, the https links (like your introduction to takeshi a few post below) and itself are still a bit iffy 🙁


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