Gintama 633

That silver mane was searching for a place to call home,
tracing those memories it could never return to.

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Aaand we’re back with more Gintama.
Jump came out a bit early this week, as it sometimes does after a week off.
I hope you all like Japanese idioms and Dragon Quest III references. I know I sure love scratching my head trying to translate them.

Gintama 633
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6 thoughts on “Gintama 633

  1. Hey! I heard your interview on Tofugu and I didn’t know til then how manga scanlations really work. I thought aggregator sites do the work, or they steal from some less popular aggregator sites. Anyway, I’m gonna read your Gintama translations from now on (thanks for doing the real hard work). I’ve seen the anime and I liked it, also I like the art you’re adding to your post. Were those yours?

    • Thanks! Always glad to see new people checking us out and learning about the process.
      As for the art, no the source of that is always linked right below it. It’s fanart from the fanart site Pixiv usually.

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