Seikimatsu Leader Den Takeshi! Ch. 11


Here’s chapter 11 of Takeshi! Here’s the intro I wrote about the series if you haven’t seen it yet.

Ok, with this chapter we finally finish the ~Proof of a Leader~ Arc! The first non-one-off chapter series of Takeshi.

We’ve actually finished all the chapters in Volume 1 now. Volume 1 actually ends at chapter 9. But the Wide-Bans, being wider sorta-deluxe versions, have more chapters in them. Wide-Ban 1 has 17 chapters in it. My plan at the moment is at the end we’ll release it as one big zip to download and I’ll also include the extra pages from volume 1-2 and the color pages I’ve managed to find for that. (We would’ve had the color pages in chapter 1 but we didn’t have good quality versions at the time, which we’ve managed to track down since).

I’m working hard on finishing editing the Jojo novel The Book at the moment (It’s about 100,000 words I’m checking through, making sure it has no translation errors, typos, and all sounds as well phrased as possible). But after that I hope to get more of this done pretty soon. My goal is to get them done around weekly. It’s a bit too hectic for me to do that at the moment though, given how wordy most of the chapters are.

Seikimatsu Leader Den Takeshi! 11
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