Innocent Rouge Volume 6

Image Source: Shouty on Tumblr

Ok, here ya’ll are. We got this one done it’s great. It took like a month but it’s all done. Hope you enjoy.
Next one is scheduled for release in “Winter 2017” so… like I dunno December? Usually this series comes out on the 19th of the month so I dunno how it can come out in Winter 2017. Maybe January 19th they still consider “Winter 2017”.

The real-life events that are depicted in the second half of this volume are pretty interesting. There’s an article on how it went here.

Also I can’t upload to the Direct Download site until I can get in touch with Qpax, who is notoriously hard to get in contact with, because I can’t upload to it for some reason.

Edit: That’s all fixed now. Should be a lot easier to contact Qpax in the future as well. Also Qpax has a youtube channel so check that out.

Innocent Rouge Volume 6 (Chapters 35-42)
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Online Reader (Batoto)