3-Gatsu no Lion (March Comes in Like a Lion) Volume 13

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Ok, whew.
Well everyone, here’s this year’s 3-Gatsu no Lion volume!
Thanks a ton to Kimkimh for helping with a little of the cleaning/redrawing and Nuengti for all the help proofreading.
Though I did everything else. And it took a while, I’ve been working on this almost every day for a month.
Umino-sensei has gotten into a trend of having MANY chapters but all of them very short. So this is 13 chapters long, but the chapters themselves total only 160-something pages.

But anyhow, I love this series, I hope everyone checks it out and lets other people know about it. Also check out the anime which is airing its 2nd season now.

Well after a good couple of months of doing this and Innocent whenever I wasn’t doing Gintama or JoJolion, I’m finally free.
I’m gonna relax a bit and then get back to work on more Takeshi and 81diver.

3-Gatsu no Lion Volume 13 (Ch127-139)
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