3-Gatsu no Lion (March Comes in Like a Lion) Volume 13

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Ok, whew.
Well everyone, here’s this year’s 3-Gatsu no Lion volume!
Thanks a ton to Kimkimh for helping with a little of the cleaning/redrawing and Nuengti for all the help proofreading.
Though I did everything else. And it took a while, I’ve been working on this almost every day for a month.
Umino-sensei has gotten into a trend of having MANY chapters but all of them very short. So this is 13 chapters long, but the chapters themselves total only 160-something pages.

But anyhow, I love this series, I hope everyone checks it out and lets other people know about it. Also check out the anime which is airing its 2nd season now.

Well after a good couple of months of doing this and Innocent whenever I wasn’t doing Gintama or JoJolion, I’m finally free.
I’m gonna relax a bit and then get back to work on more Takeshi and 81diver.

3-Gatsu no Lion Volume 13 (Ch127-139)
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34 thoughts on “3-Gatsu no Lion (March Comes in Like a Lion) Volume 13

  1. I read it up really slowly, trying to appreciate every effort you an Chica put on it. Unfortunately, it’s already over and now I got to wait another year. Life is hard. Thank you very much.

  2. Thank you so, so much! I live for every volume of sangatsu you translated! This is one of my favorite series ever because it gives me such incredible emotional heights…both the highs and the lows (lol). I’m so very glad you guys are actively translating this incredible manga and once again – thank you!

  3. Wow, thanks so much for your hard work- it is much appreaciated!! I was thinking I had read up to volume 18 of 3-gatsu since so many things happened, but was totally taken aback to see that you had just released volume 13 haha – that got me back to reality XD

  4. I don’t know who you are but can I just say that I love you??? Thanks so much for translating this masterpiece!! 3-gatsu is truly a one of a kind manga and I really want to thank you for picking it up.
    I’ll be patiently waiting for next October!!

  5. Thank you so much for all your work! This series is so dear to my heart and I’m so glad I can read it in english because of you all!!!!! <3

  6. Yaaaass! Thank you so much for all the hard work you guys put into translating 3-gatsu! This is definitely my fave volume. It has so much stuff going on and surprisingly every bit of plot was resolved too, in their own way, no cliffhangers, plus souya meijin. *v* Totally can relate about the sukiyaki thing haha!

  7. Dude, I have the impression that this was a definitive farewell to the Kyouko…
    The way the chapter was conducted, showing her repentance and a great loneliness caused by his past actions, and end with the empty bridge gave me the idea that she committed suicide…
    I may be being too pessimistic, but since she has no place to go or who to turn to, the scenario seems perfect for such a tragic end…
    Cara porque tenho a impressão que esse foi um adeus definitivo da Kyouko…
    O jeito que o capitulo foi conduzido, ela demonstrando arrependimento e uma grande solidão causadas pelas suas ações passadas, e o final com a ponte vazia me deu a ideia que ela se suicidou…
    Posso está sendo pessimista demais, mas como ela não tem nenhum lugar para ir ou a quem recorrer, o cenário me parece perfeito para tal fim trágico…

  8. Thanks so much for the chapters as always! I love the extra effort you all put for these translations. Hope you continue to translate Sangatsu no lion. I love this series and a bunch of others you guys translate (gintama being one of them). We appreciate all the work put into this. Thanks a lot!

  9. Thanks so much for everything guys. This manga means so much to me and I really loved reading every single one of its chapters!

  10. Thank you so much for all your hard work!!! The community really appreciates it – this is an AMAZING work and I’m so glad someone is translating it 🙂

  11. Thank you, guys!
    I’m not native english speaker, but your translation is only one variant get to know with this great manga! I really glad to read this and really appreciate and respect your work.
    I’m eagerly wait next chapter in your translation!

  12. Thank you so much!! I cant explain how precious this series is. Once again thank you so much~ you’ve worked hard, always ♡

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