JoJolion Volume 15 (Ch59-62)

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Check out The Book! It’s a really great novel we released recently that’s a sequel to Part 4 of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure!

Ok, so here we are at our first volume release in… a number of years now.

If you didn’t see, as we mentioned a couple JoJolion release back, we decided to shift from doing one version of digital magazine raws and then a second version using Ultra Jump physical magazine raws a few weeks later to instead make the second, higher quality, version use volume scans as the raws. The volumes usually contain 4 or 5 chapters and they come out some months after the original magazine chapters come out (Though the exact amount of time from chapters to volume release varies).

Volumes are published on better quality paper and contain nice covers, tables of contents, little extras by the author, and sometimes little adjustments are made. Like little improvements in the art or small changes in a couple of lines. Sometimes names are changed like the Stand ‘Going Underground’ was changed to ‘Born This Way’ early on in the JoJolion. Also Araki usually revises the chapter titles for the volumes. The idea here is we’re moving the resources we had on the physical magazine versions to these volume versions which will come out less frequently and later after the original, lower-quality, digital magazine chapters, but look better and have more and more finalized content in the long run. Generally speaking, volumes are what are meant to be the “archived” version you can get years after they’re originally published. So we think it makes more sense this way.

We’re starting at volume 15 and volume 16 is the newest one which came out in September so we’ll be doing that next (V15 and V16 came out unusually close together. V15 came out in July, V16 came out in September, so we’re sorta doing them together). We’re planning on trying to do the newest volumes as they come out. If we’re all caught up we’ll start moving backwards to V14 and so on. But the priority will be whichever is newest so this sort of replaces doing physical magazine scans. We’ve got a good number of people together who’re working hard on these so hopefully they keep coming out pretty regularly.

Technically this is the 3rd versions of these particular chapters we’ve released now. But, definitely should be the best one. I hope you all enjoy it.

11/8/2017 Edit: Apparently something happened at one of the last stages and the fonts on a couple pages turned into unicode squares somehow. Someone just pointed it out, so we went back, fixed these, spruced up a couple other hard-to-notice things, and reuploaded all of them. The links are all fixed now with the latest version.

JoJolion Volume 15 (Ch59-62)
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