Gintama 660

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Check out The Book! It’s a really great novel we released recently that’s a sequel to Part 4 of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure!

And here we are at this.
Definitely getting that final battle vibe. Also because a character shouts “THIS IS THE FINAL BATTLE!” in this chapter.

Gintama 660
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6 thoughts on “Gintama 660

  1. Hey you guys! Thanks for the chapter. Man… it really feels like gintama is entering a final battle kinda thing. Can’t wait for that, also not anticipating the end of gintama just yet. I’m pretty reluctant to let this series go lol. But thanks so much for translating this as always. You guys are the best and we appreciate what you do 😀

  2. big thanks to you. im looking forward for newest chapter every week, i couldnt imagine what wil happen if gintama end. honestly, i only read gintama now

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